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Studio Director & Instructor

Sean is often considered to be a musical renaissance man: singer, songwriter, producer, audio engineer, multi-instrumentalist - not to mention being well versed in the business side of the music industry with a strong understanding of brand building and digital marketing - all while managing his independent record label and music publishing company Romeo Gold Entertainment. Sean embodies all that it means to be a successful independent artist in today's world, as his original music has been streamed on Spotify & Apple Music over one million times in over 60 countries around the world. This feat was achieved without the assistance of a major label; giving him the knowledge, experience, and optimism necessary to help others meet their musical goals. Sean hopes to build a community of musicians at RGS, who can help each other grow through new opportunities and experiences, whether you are a hobbyist, amateur, or aspiring professional.



General Manager & Instructor

Megan began her musical journey playing guitar and singing at the age of 10. In 2018, Megan began working her way through college teaching private vocal, guitar, piano, ukulele, and musical theatre lessons to students aged 5 to 65 years old. More recently, Megan graduated from Rochester University in the class of 2021 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Theatre. In college, she received vocal instruction from highly trained classical, theatrical, and operatic coaches, giving her the necessary skills and experience for technique focused vocal training and musical theater/acting instruction. Megan has been on stage in nearly 25 large scale theatrical productions (community to professional), as well as countless smaller projects and is excited to guide younger artists through their musical journeys. In addition to teaching, Megan is our studio's General Manager and is responsible for managing a large portion of our performances throughout the year.



Band Leader & Instructor

Zack knew that music was what he wanted to pursue from the moment he first started playing drums at age 16. Since earning his Bachelor's in Music from North Central University, Zack has diversified his skill set from musician to passionate teacher. Currently, he is playing drums in a Christian band called We Are One, formed at Gateway Assembly church in Imlay City. This band has played nationally to crowds as large as 13,000! As a teacher, he understands that some students want to learn an instrument in hopes of performing in front of people someday, while some just want to have the knowledge of that instrument for other musical endeavors. In Zack's words "My goal is to make your goal a reality." Zack is available to teach drums, beginning piano, beginning guitar and video production.

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Melodie found her passion for music at the age of 8, when she picked up the violin. Since then, she has picked up pretty much every instrument she can get her hands on, ranging from woodwinds, strings, and brass instruments, to piano and bass. She currently plays bass in an actively performing all girl rock band called “Dark Eyed Dreamers”. Clearly an old soul, some of her favorite musical prodigies are Elton John, Stevie Nicks, and the lead guitarist of Pink Floyd. In addition to the classics mentioned above, Melodie has experience with all styles of music from classical to modern. Whether you want to learn music theory and note reading or how to play by ear, Melodie can help you meet your musical goals!



Audio Engineer & Instructor

Meet our audio engineer, Christian. You may recognize him running sound at our showcases. Christian was interested in music from a young age. He began playing guitar at 10 years old and was writing songs immediately. Since that time he has become a multi-instrumentalist, played in numerous bands, and has studied as a recording engineer. Most notably, Christian currently leads a band named "The Non-Professionals", a group of friends who are gaining traction in the metro Detroit area as they continue to promote their debut full length album (released 2020). It's no surprise that when he's not teaching or recording for someone else, he's recording music for himself or his band. Christian is excited to teach you guitar, ukulele, bass, or record your next hit song!




Jessica’s passion for music began as a little girl when she first discovered her love for singing. As a recent graduate from Rochester University’s Musical Theatre program, Jessica has completed four years of professional voice lessons with an emphasis on classical and musical theatre styles, in addition to her experience in major musical roles (such as Rapunzel in "Into The Woods"). Even before college, Jessica has performed in several choirs throughout middle and high school - even making it all the way to the state honors college when she was sixteen. Along with this experience, Jessica enjoys signing on her church worship team and performing in musicals and plays in the Metro Detroit area. As a member of the RGS teaching staff, she is available to teach voice, piano, guitar, and ukulele to students. Jessica believes that it is never to early (or late!) to begin pursuing your love for music. Whether your goals with music have you playing for audiences with hundreds of people or only in the comfort of your own home, Jessica is ready to meet you where you’re at and help you make those dreams become a reality.

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Instructor & Audio Engineer

After being inspired by the performances of local bands in his area, Mitch couldn’t wait to be on stage to perform himself. It led him to pick up the guitar and start his musical journey at the age of 13. By the age of 16, Mitch was able to play multiple instruments such as guitar, bass, and piano. Eventually, Mitch was able to get a band together called From Years Before, of which he was the lead singer. They went on to perform shows at local venues with some amazing musicians and eventually released an EP called Aimless. After the success of the band, Mitch pursued studying to become an audio engineer by shadowing a successful friend in the industry. In addition to music, Mitch is a certified graphic designer by day. He looks forward to helping musicians accomplish their musical dreams!

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