Sean Earle


Sean combined his musical abilities with his strong understanding of brand building and digital marketing to open Romeo Gold Studios in 2019. Sean's original music has been streamed on Spotify & Apple Music over one million times in 60+ countries around the world. Doing this without the assistance of a major label has given him the knowledge, experience, and optimism necessary to create an atmosphere that will help other new independent artists meet their musical goals.


Megan Vandeberghe

Program Director & Instructor

Megan tends to be the recognizable "face" at the studio. Megan is often the first point of contact bringing new students aboard, as well as our popular showcase emcee. Holding a bachelor's degree in Musical Theater from Rochester University, Megan has performed in over 25 large scale theatrical productions, ranging from community to professional. Additionally, Megan is a versatile singer/songwriter and has independently released her original music on all streaming platforms.


Zack Hawes

Band Leader & Instructor

Zack knew that music was what he wanted to pursue from the moment he first started playing drums at age 16. Since earning his Bachelor's in Music from North Central University, Zack has diversified his skill set from musician to passionate teacher. As a teacher, he understands that some students want to learn an instrument in hopes of performing in front of people someday, while some just want to have the knowledge of that instrument for other musical endeavors. In Zack's words "My goal is to make your goal a reality." Zack is available to teach drums, beginning piano, beginning guitar and video production.


Melodie Mitchell


Melodie found her passion for music at the age of 8, when she picked up the violin. Since then, she has picked up pretty much every instrument she can get her hands on, ranging from woodwinds, strings, and brass instruments, to piano and bass. Clearly an old soul, some of her favorite musical prodigies are Elton John, Stevie Nicks, and the lead guitarist of Pink Floyd. In addition to the classics mentioned above, Melodie has experience with all styles of music from classical to modern. Whether you want to learn music theory and note reading or how to play by ear, Melodie can help you meet your musical goals!


Christian Wanner

Audio Engineer & Instructor

Meet our audio engineer, Christian. You may recognize him running sound at our showcases. Christian began playing guitar at 10 years old and was writing songs immediately. Since that time, he has become a multi-instrumentalist and has studied as a recording engineer. Most notably, Christian currently leads a band named "The Non-Professionals", a group of friends who are gaining traction in the metro Detroit area as they continue to promote their debut full length album (released 2020). It's no surprise that when he's not teaching or recording for someone else, he's recording music for himself or his band. Christian is excited to teach you guitar, ukulele, bass, or record your next hit song!

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Roxann McLane


Ms. Roxann was born in South Korea and was raised by her adopted family in Michigan. Her natural abilities for music were demonstrated as she pursued piano, trumpet, and french horn classes and sang in musical theater opportunities from a young age. She has since graduated from the accredited music school Full Sail with a Bachelors in Music Production. At Full Sail she tutored Music Theory, Songwriting, and Piano. While she currently specializes in music production and film composition, she has skill in many areas within the industry and looks forward to working with and developing younger talent.


Mitch Ackerman

Audio Engineer, Graphic Designer, & Instructor

After being inspired by the performances of local bands in his area, Mitch couldn’t wait to be on stage to perform himself. It led him to pick up the guitar and start his musical journey at the age of 13. By the age of 16, Mitch was able to play multiple instruments such as guitar, bass, and piano. Eventually, Mitch was able to get a band together called From Years Before, of which he was the lead singer. They went on to perform shows at local venues with some amazing musicians and eventually released an EP called Aimless. After the success of the band, Mitch pursued studying to become an audio engineer by shadowing a successful friend in the industry. In addition to music, Mitch is a certified graphic designer by day. He looks forward to helping musicians accomplish their musical dreams!


Brendan Kwietniewski

Instructor & AV Technician

Meet one of our awesome teachers, Brendan. His music career all started with the drums, which he’s been playing for over 15 years now!  During his musical journey, he has been part of the Central Michigan University Marching Band chips and 6th man band. He has also performed in the marching band at Monday night football games at halftime for the Detroit Lions, and even the National Anthem for several Detroit Tigers games. His interests are music, movies, film, musical theater, and Disney. Here at RGS, he can teach Drums and Piano. Brendan is ready to help musicians improve and reach their musical goals.


Taylor Linneburg


Meet one of our newest members to the RGS team, Taylor. Taylor started playing piano over a year ago and her skill level and music knowledge has skyrocketed since. Taylor teaches piano, ukulele, and guitar specializing in younger students interested in learning and loving music. The stage and the lesson rooms are two places Taylor loves due to the opportunity to let her true self shine. Taylor helps her students shine through too by finding their passions and taking them to the stage.

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Shane Rickman

Audio Engineer & Instructor

Shane's musical beginnings consisted of playing his dad's dusty acoustic guitar from the attic at age 10, and eventually led him to playing in various cover bands around Detroit as a lead guitarist, backup harmony vocalist, pedal steel player, organist, pianist, and bassist. The grind of performing at many bars, private gigs, festivals, and venues large and small has left him with a great understanding of musical chemistry and improvisation. With several music courses from Oakland U under his belt and a solid understanding of multi-tracking and mastering, Shane is ready to help you record your next hit single!


Chloe Kunz


Coming from a musical childhood, including choir for over 9 years and being in 3 of her high school’s plays, Chloe teaches acoustic guitar, piano, ukulele, and vocal here at Romeo Gold Studios. Chloe has been taking lessons at Romeo Gold ever since its opening. She enjoys indie, alternative, and pop music and was Gabriella Montez in a production of High School Musical. Chloe’s wide range of musical interests can help any and all students grow and develop throughout their musical journey.


Kayla Thomas

Front Desk

Kayla has been running the front desk since the opening of RGS. She has demonstrated her leadership skills both inside the studio and outside, being the president of her graduating class as well as an accomplished award winning dancer.


Marissa Knepper

Front Desk

Marissa has the creative eye of the team. She runs our social media accounts and is also the photographer of many of the photos you see on this page. Additionally, Marissa is currently developing her own embroidery business and has added her creative touch to much of our custom merch available in our store.


Porter Rice

Front Desk

Otherwise known as "Orderin' Porter," Porter manages our store and studio inventory and keeps our shelves stocked with items for purchase. Porter is also a skilled pianist and drummer and is the drummer for our current student house band.

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