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Top 10 Reasons To Join RGS


Reason 1

RGS is a music studio that puts emphasis on maintaining a passion and love for music in our students, first and foremost, alongside learning the fundamentals.

Our Programs

Our Programs


Private Lessons

Weekly 30 minute lessons, one on one with the instructor.









$125 per month. Multi-class and multi-student discounts are offered.


101 Group Classes

Weekly 45 minute classes in group settings for beginning and intermediate musicians. Students are paired in similar ages and experience levels.

Band 101

Piano 101

Guitar 101

Drums 101

Vocal 101

$75 per month. Multi-class and multi-student discounts are offered.


Join A Band

Officially join a band. This is for the advanced student that excels in working with a group. Students are hand picked by our instructors. New students may also audition to join a band where there is an opening.

$75 per month. Multi-class and multi-student discounts are offered.


Ms. Chloe is the best! She always helps me with singing and learning new strum patterns and songs on my guitar! She also loves getting to know her students better. Ms. Chloe is funny, kind, and an amazing teacher. I have learned so much from her!

Ashley E. (Age 11)
Free Class Registration

Schedule Your Free Class

Fill out the form below to schedule your free class. Our office staff will review your information and contact you with teacher/class recommendations within 2 business days. Credit card information is required to register. We do not charge anything until students choose to register after their initial free class.

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