Sean Earle

Sean is often considered to be a musical renaissance man: singer, songwriter, producer, audio engineer, multi-instrumentalist - not to mention being well versed in the business side of the music industry with a strong understanding of brand building and digital marketing - all while managing his independent record label and music publishing company Romeo Gold Entertainment. Sean embodies all that it means to be a successful independent artist in today's world, as his original music has been streamed on Spotify & Apple Music over one million times in over 60 countries around the world. This feat was achieved without the assistance of a major label; giving him the knowledge, experience, and optimism necessary to help others meet their musical goals. Sean is our house audio engineer and is also available to teach piano, vocal, guitar, songwriting, and music production.

Zack Hawes
Music & Video Instructor

Zack always knew that music was what he wanted to pursue from the moment he first started playing drums at age 16. Since earning his Bachelor's in Music from North Central University, Zack has diversified his skill set from musician to passionate teacher. Currently, he is playing drums in a Christian band called We Are One, formed at Gateway Assembly church in Imlay City. This band has played nationally to crowds as large as 13,000! As a teacher, he understands that some students want to learn an instrument in hopes of performing in front of people someday, while some just want to have the knowledge of that instrument for other musical endeavors. In Zack's words "My goal is to make your goal, a reality." Zack is available to teach drums, beginning piano, beginning guitar and video production.

Christian Wanner
Audio Engineer

More information coming soon.

Alexa Hanaford
Music Instructor

Alexa is yet another one of our young musical geniuses here at RGS. She doesn't remember a time when she wasn't singing. Alexa has a continuously growing passion for performance, she's been on stage since childhood and is a current member of the Romeo Theatre Company. Along with a few of her fellow teachers, Alexa enjoys performing at small coffee shops in her free time. When she's not at the studio, you can find her acting or playing soccer, tennis, and volleyball. Alexa would love to help you either begin, or help you continue your musical journey.

Megan Vandeberghe
Music & Acting Instructor

Megan began her musical journey playing guitar and singing at the age of 10. She quickly developed a reputation as a performer during her middle and high school years, as she was cast in multiple major roles in musicals, as well as independently writing and performing her own original pieces at school performances. Currently, Megan is working towards completing her bachelor's degree in Musical Theater with a double minor in Directing and Psychology from Rochester University. She is highly trained as a vocalist, and is well versed in classical, musical theater, and pop style singing. Megan is available to teach vocal, piano, guitar, ukulele, acting, and musical theater. Keep an eye out for her pop-up acting classes here at RGS, ranging from improv to monologues!

Melodie Mitchell
Music Instructor

Meet Melodie! Having first found her passion for music with the violin at age 8, she has since picked up several other instruments including bass, piano, strings, woodwinds, and brass instruments. Melodie currently plays bass and keys in an all girl rock band called Dark Eyed Dreamers. Melodie is available to teach piano and bass, as well as any instrument within the strings, woodwinds, and brass families, she's kind of a musical genius. Set up a trial today, and learn to rock with Melodie.

Jessica Nichols
Music Instructor

Jessica started singing in middle school and couldn't seem to stop. Her passion for singing only grew throughout high school, and expanded into the world of musical theatre in college. She currently attends Rochester University for a degree in Musical Theatre, and has played major roles at her college and with local professional theatre companies. She's played roles ranging from Rapunzel in "Into The Woods" to Brutus in Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar." Jessica is thoroughly trained in theatrical, classical, and pop style singing, and is also available to teach piano, guitar, and ukulele!

Evan Jewett
Audio Engineer

Romeo High School drumline alumni, Evan, is available for all your recording and percussion needs! He began his musical journey as a kid; initially joining band in middle school, and later progressing to joining the Romeo symphonic band. You can find Evan drumming and composing for his band, 'Enigmatic,' when he isn't at college or Romeo Gold Studios. Between band practice and homework, Evan is excited to work with new bands and artists at RGS.

Jenna Knepper
Music Instructor

RGS is excited to welcome yet another young musician to the family! Jenna's available to teach piano, vocals, guitar, and ukulele. Jenna has been singing since she was 3 years old, and had her first performance at age five. She predominantly sings at coffee shops nowadays, make sure to be on the look out for her while sipping your next latte. She has been playing guitar and ukulele for years and was only self taught until recently. Jenna utilizes her guitar and ukulele skills in her church's worship team, as well as leading the church youth band. Piano is Jenna's biggest strength, as she's been taking lessons for 11 years; focusing on theory and technique. 

Rick Arnold
Music Instructor

Meet Rick! Rick's first gig was in 1966. He likes to play all kinds of music, like jazz, blues, country, and rock. In general, He just loves playing and enjoying life. He likes camping and was an engineer for over 30 years. He also worked for NASA for a year. Rick is available to teach guitar and bass. Set up a trial today, and come chill with Rick!

Aleda Miller
Music Instructor

Aleda first got her taste of performing at age 9, playing the piano at her elementary school talent show. Since then she has branched off into many additional instruments such as guitar, ukulele, tuba, baritone, french horn, flugel horn, and most notably, the trumpet. She was first chair trumpet in both the RHS Jazz and Symphonic Band and has proved her skills by receiving first division awards at multiple music competitions around the state. Additionally, Aleda is also recognized as a unique and expressive vocalist within the studio. Outside of music, Aleda enjoys the outdoors - running, hiking, camping, and working at her local farm. She is currently in the process of earning her Associate of Arts at Macomb Community College.

Jaden Ross
Music Instructor

Jaden began his musical career when he was only 5 years old playing the piano...and he hasn't stopped playing music since! In addition to piano, he plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, and he sings. When he's not jammin out, Jaden enjoys snowboarding, playing hockey and volleyball. His favorite artist is Shakey Graves. Call today to set up a trial and hang out with Jaden! 

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