What We Do


Party Rental

Let us help you with your graduation party, family gathering, or even backyard wedding. We have a wide array of tents, tables, chairs, and lighting to make your event one that guests will remember. Booking is entirely online. Click the link below to get started.


Music & Stage Gear

We got your back for your next gig! Whether you are a solo artist, full band, or even just a speaker, we can provide you with everything you need for your performance. With our state of the art Bose systems, we are confident that we can help you give your audience an incredible experience. Additionally, we offer optional live sound engineers to help run your sound. Contact us directly if looking for live sound engineers or assistance.​

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General Laborers

What makes us different than most party rental companies is that we are willing to assist customers in general prep for their event. While most rental companies drop their items off in the driveway, we offer the option of setting everything up for you. Our crew is pretty strong - let us know if you need help with anything else and we can provide you with a custom quote for general labor.

 Now Offering 

Online Booking

Booking our rental items is now done entirely online. Click the link to view item availability and proceed with getting your event on the schedule. Email us with specific questions on items or labor.


Rental Policy


Rental Rates

Rental prices shown on our booking site are calculated based on the rental duration. All items have a base rate for duration under 24 hours. Rentals for more than 24 hours are charged the base rate of the item for the first day and 25% for each additional day after that.


Reservations & Payments

All reservations require a $100 deposit towards the invoice to officially be added to the schedule. Due to the heavy volume of requests, deposits that are not paid within 7 days of the invoice will result in a cancellation of your rental reservation. The remaining balance is due upon delivery of your items. The credit card used to pay your deposit will automatically be charged after delivery, unless other payment arrangements are made.



We allow deposits to be fully refundable for cancellations up to 14 days before the event date. If your rental order is canceled within 14 days prior, the deposit will not be refunded.



We provide delivery for all of our rental items. This is included free of charge for orders over $100 within the Romeo, Washington, and Bruce area. Additional fees will apply for locations outside of the Romeo area and for orders under $100.



Setup and cleanup is included with all tents. All other items do not include setup unless the complete setup service is selected and included on your invoice. This service includes setting up your tables, unfolding chairs, hanging lighting, etc. and cleaning them up upon pickup. If the complete setup service is not selected and included on your invoice, all items will be placed and stacked neatly in a specified location upon delivery.


Preparing Items for Pickup

We want to ensure the pickup process runs as smoothly as the delivery process. All items must be returned to the original condition and placed at the exact location of the delivery. Any decorations or accessories interfering with our items must be removed before pickup. Failure to do so may result in labor charges being added to the contract.


Damaged, Broken, or Lost Rental Items

The security of our rental items remains the responsibility of the rental customer from the time of delivery until the time of return. We double check each and every order to avoid any mistakes before they leave our store. We also recommend you count your order, since you are accepting responsibility for the number of items on the contract. Missing items will be charged at the full replacement value.