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Policies & Procedures

Tuition & Registration

We charge a flat monthly rate, regardless of how many lessons or classes are scheduled. Factoring in 5 week months and 3 week months (with holiday closures), all students can expect to receive an average of 4 lessons per month (48 lessons per year). 

Tuition for single student households
Single 30 minute weekly private lessons: $125/month
Additional 30 minute weekly private lessons: $100/month
Group or band classes: $75/month per class

Additional 45 minute weekly group classes: $50/month
*Single student households with tuition totaling over $250/month receive free unlimited group classes

Tuition for multi-student households
First student 30 minute weekly private lessons: $125/month
Additional students 30 minute weekly private lessons: $100/month
Group or band classes: $75/month per student per class
Buddy lessons (2 students in the same 30 minute weekly private lesson): $75/month per student
*Multi-student households with tuition totaling over $400/month receive free unlimited group classes

We charge a one time registration fee of $20 upon a family’s enrollment in monthly lessons or classes.

Lesson Cancellation Policy

We do not credit or refund for cancellation of private lessons or group classes. However, we are able to instead offer "make-up credits" for private lessons that were canceled with at least a one day notice or for cancellations due to illness or other emergencies. Make-up credits can be used towards an additional lesson at any available time slot within 90 days. Scheduling your make-up lesson is most easily done in the student portal. Contact us for access to the portal. This tuition and cancellation policy is an effort to create a fair and dependable work environment for our teachers.

Payment Forms

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, in addition to cash or check.  For your convenience, we recommend automatic billing through our secure PayPal Payments Pro Services via My Music Staff. This is a proven safe, secure and convenient way to pay ongoing fees while enrolled at Romeo Gold Studios. Your credit card or debit card will be charged upon registration and on the 1st of each month thereafter.

Late Fees & Declined Payment Fees

We have a late payment fee policy of $10 per student. If tuition payments are not received by the 10th of the month it is considered late and the fee will automatically be applied, no exceptions. It is the responsibility of the parent/adult student to ensure we have been provided a valid credit/debit card if enrolled in automatic billing. A staff member from RGS will attempt to contact you to fix the issue before applying late fees to your account.

Suspension or Dismissal

RGS will discontinue instruction of any student whose responsible party is delinquent in fulfilling his/her financial obligations by the 30th of each month. Additionally, RGS reserves the right to dismiss any student due to frequent absences, disciplinary problems, and/or parental noncompliance with studio policies.

Withdrawal Policy

There is no long-term contract. If a student wishes to discontinue their lessons, please notify the teacher and/or administrative staff at Romeo Gold Studios before tuition is applied for the next month. No refunds will be offered on tuition already paid, so we recommend to all students to finish out their last month of scheduled lessons before stopping lessons.

Severe Weather Closures

Severe Michigan weather and/or other emergencies often require Romeo Gold Studios to close and cancel all scheduled classes for the day to ensure the safety of all our students and staff. Weather closures will be announced no later than 2pm and will be posted via email, on our Facebook page, and on our website. Keep in mind, closure of Romeo Community Schools does not necessarily mean RGS will be closed as well. In the event of studio closures, make-up credits will be offered.

Holiday Closures

Romeo Gold Studios holiday closures typically mirrors Romeo Community Schools, though not always. Make-up lessons are not offered for holiday closures. Exceptions may be made by your teacher in certain cases.

Parent Observation & Student Drop-off

Parents are invited to wait in our waiting room during their child’s lesson, where coffee and reading material will be provided. Each lesson room has a window where they may watch the lesson. We do not recommend parents to be inside the lesson room as it is often a distraction, although we understand that this is sometimes necessary for the comfort of the student. For parents who do not stay, please make sure your child is inside Romeo Gold Studios when dropping them off.

Media Consent & Release

Romeo Gold Studios reserves the right to photograph, film, or record audio of classes, programs, performances, and participants at all our facilities and events. Any photos, audio or video of students or families at RGS facilities or events may be used on our website, social media, or printed promotional material. There will be no compensation offered. By enrolling at Romeo Gold Studios, you consent to the video or audio recording or taking of photographs of you and/or your child for these purposes.

Digital marketing is a very large part of what makes Romeo Gold Studios special. We leverage our social media and online presence to promote and celebrate our students. If students or families are not comfortable being filmed or photographed, please communicate this with us.

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