Romeo Gold Studios was founded in 2019 by independent artist/songwriter/producer and certified recording/mixing engineer Sean Earle. After reaching success as an artist online and a local private music teacher of 11 years, Earle felt it was time to expand and to help develop other young artists with similar dreams. RGS is an extension of the independent record label and music publisher Romeo Gold Entertainment.

Romeo Gold Studios is Romeo's premier center for all things music and media - where musicians, artists, performers and creatives of all styles, levels and ages can come to learn, collaborate, and foster their creativity. First and foremost, RGS is a music school meant to help develop the creative skills of both dedicated performers/artists and adult hobbyists alike via private lessons and performance opportunities. In addition to teaching music, our staff of professionals is able to expand to other creative industries, such as acting, musical theater, photography, videography, and recording audio. Secondly, we are Romeo's premier recording studio, servicing bands and artists of all kinds (pop, rock, country, hip-hop, R&B, dance, etc), as well as podcasters, voice-over artists, and digital marketers. Lastly, we are also a music instrument and pro audio store. While our in studio shop is small, we have access to many of the top brands of music accessories.

RGS has an incredible team ready to help develop the skills and meet all the creative needs of our students and clients. Click below to meet our staff.